Term & Condition

Our-Collections ensures the confidentiality of the client’s data; we forbid our team members from disclosing client privacy information to third parties or organizations outside of the relevant department.
When a consumer uses our website to make a payment, they must first agree to our rigorous regulations, which we adhere to. However, Our-Collections reserves the right to alter policies at any moment, without prior notice, to meet business needs. As such, stay informed and familiarise yourself with all rules and regulations before placing orders or sending money. The consumer is in possession of a 3-day Exchange guarantee, subject to alter depending on the state of the returned item.

The following circumstances will be accepted for returns and exchanges:

  1. if a faulty product is delivered to the consumer.
  2. if the incorrect order is delivered by our-collections.
  3. Only unused and unworn items are eligible for exchange.
  4. If a return or exchange is necessary, take good care of the tags and bags; being
    disconnected is unacceptable.
  5. Even though delivery is free for the goods, the customer will still be responsible.

Our website is completely maintained by a team of IT professionals who also frequently scan for bugs and viruses. However, Our-Collections shall not be liable for unforeseen circumstances in the event of theft and software or hardware malfunction.
At Our-collection, the rules and regulations are adhered to and compiled in accordance with Pakistani laws and jurisdiction. Both the customer and our online store are required to abide by them.
Customer happiness is our first priority, and our customer care service will handle any complaints.
We respect consumer input and suggestions, therefore when we take requested action, we do it through the correct channels. Our knowledge of them is used to change or improve a variety of services for the better.
We always make ourselves accessible to our clients; they can get in touch with us via email or chat at any time. Do you still have any questions? You can reach us at any moment.